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ICER 2020
Sat 8 - Thu 13 August 2020

The ICER conference gives two awards.

Best Reviewed Papers Award 2020

This year there were two papers that received the maximum possible overall score from reviewers, and strong positive recommendations from their meta-reviewers.  On that basis, the award goes jointly to:

  • Exploring Student Behavior Using the TIPP&SEE Learning Strategy. Diana Franklin, Jean Salac, Zachary Crenshaw, Saranya Turimella, Zipporah Klain, Marco Anaya (University of Chicago), Cathy Thomas (Texas State University)

  • What Do We Think We Think We Are Doing?: Metacognition and Self-Regulation in Programming. James Prather (Abilene Christian University), Brett A. Becker (University College Dublin), Michelle Craig (University of Toronto), Paul Denny (University of Auckland), Dastyni Loksa (University of Washington), Lauren Margulieux (Georgia State University)

As well as the above awards, we would like to make special mention of this paper, for its call to action on the scope of international research:

  • Exploring the Enacted Computing Curriculum in K-12 Schools in South Asia: Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka Tehreem Anwar, Arturo Jimenez, Arsalan Bin Najeeb, Bishakha Upadhyaya (Knox College), Monica M. McGill (Knox College & CSEdResearch.org)

The 2020 John Henry Award

Also known as the “Fool’s Award,” after the Tarot card “the Fool,” symbolizing the willingness to take risks and venture into the unknown with the possibility of achieving great things, the John Henry Award is given to the paper that, in the judgment of the conference delegates, attempts a task that may seem impossible.

The John Henry Award is given by the attendees of the conference. In fairness to parallel and late sessions gathered votes in the post-conference survey, after attendees had time to consider all of the papers. The poll was open for a week following the conference. Of the twenty seven research papers published at the conference, sixteen received votes. This following paper remerged as a clear winner, receiving twice as many votes as the next highest paper:

  • Hedy: A Gradual Language for Programming Education_ Felienne Hermans (Leiden University)

Congratulations Felienne!

Felienne with the John Henry hat