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ICER 2020
Sat 8 - Thu 13 August 2020

Below are tentative details for Zoom session chair responsibilities. These may change as we finalize our use of technology platforms.

Before the conference

  1. Carefully read the code of conduct
  2. Read the papers presented in your session to prepare for Q&A or discussion.
  3. Familiarize yourself with all Discord features mentioned below.

At your webinar session

  1. Arrive 10 minutes early to welcome presenters
  2. As attendees arrive, welcome them to the session
  3. Set a timer 3 minutes before the session to remember to end it.
  4. Ensure the session starts on time.
  5. Introduce yourself
  6. Introduce the presenters
  7. Remind the audience to use the Webinar Q&A for questions, and keep discussion Discord #plenary-discussion.
  8. Ask the Zoom Webinar host to start streaming the recorded presentation
  9. While the presentation plays, monitor the Q&A and the Discord channel
  10. After the presentation, if there are no Q&A, ask a question
  11. If there are multiple Zoom Q&A, ask the presenter the question you think will be most relevant to the audience
  12. If the presenter has already answered questions in the Webinar, bring the answers to the attention of the audience.
  13. End on time, then remind attendees about what happens next in the conference schedule (almost always a serendipity break).